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Dr. Suzanne Nixon, Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center and Inspirational Journeys, LLC

Location: West Belmont Place at The National Conference Center 18980 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg

Suzanne Nixon


The Modern Day Heroine’s Journey: Finding Ourselves, Our Purpose and Our Professional Path

Dr. Suzanne’s professional career began as a special education teacher in 1977. Over the years her personal experiences, educational pursuits and the rise of complementary and alternative medicine in the United States, “awakened” her to a different way of being. As a result her career path shifted …. four times to be exact… yet each shift seamlessly fed into the next and then the next.

The process of finding one’s self and one’s purpose is mythically known as the “Heroine’s Journey, a journey she believes millions of women and especially business women are on. Dr. Suzanne will talk about her personal/professional journey from this mythic, psycho-spiritual perspective offering tales, truths, life lessons and wisdom gained.

Dr. Suzanne Nixon is the Owner, Founder and Director of the Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center and Inspirational Journeys, LLC, a lifestyle-wellness-travel company. With expert training in counseling, psychotherapy, education, energy medicine, meditation, holistic health, and integrative health coaching spanning 34 years, she has helped thousands of people in their journey towards greater health, healing and optimal functioning in both their personal and relational life. Dr. Nixon’s professional speaking both nationally, regionally and in the UK, began in 1985. She has given over one hundred professional presentations, seminars and trainings in the field of the mind-body connection, holistic healing and personal/professional ethics, and has published 20 articles for the professional and consumer.  Dr. Nixon is known for her embodied presence, intuitive knowing, skilled facilitation, dynamic speaking and ability to help people make transformational shifts in their lives.  She is the proud mother of two fully launched adult children, “Gigi” of twin granddaughters, an avid hiker, cyclist and traveler, and journeywoman on the path to greater consciousness.


Zina Mashin, Emperor’s Brand

Location: West Belmont Place at The National Conference Center 18980 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg

Zina Mashin


Zina Mashin is one of two children born to her parents David and Mila Mashin in Ukraine, a former republic of the Soviet Union. Her parents made the decision to bring Zina, along with her younger brother, Boris, to immigrate from Ukraine to the United States in April 1990.

Zina is a 1993 graduate of Charles E. Smith School in Rockville, MD.  She continued her education at the University of Maryland while working full time during her studies. After completing her degree in Business Management, Zina held positions in several major corporations including Marriott, Rio Center, FRIT (Federal Real Estate Investment Trust), WRIT (Washington Real Estate Investment Trust) and Digene Co.

In 2006, Zina and her forever supportive family decided to venture into the spirits industry on a ground-breaking mission. Her family invested in a new and highly promising product: Emperor’s Brand, a line of vodkas that would challenge the exclusivity within the vodka industry and vodka distributors worldwide. Emperor’s line of vodkas would be the first in the world to be granted Certificates of Authenticity from the union of all French distillers — an achievement never before held by any other vodka company.  Zina introduced the first line of premium vodkas to the Washington DC market in late 2007.

Zina’s devotion to excellence, tireless search for superior ingredients, desire to educate people about quality and commitment to customers’ satisfaction, are the primary reasons behind the unmatched quality and unparalleled taste of Emperor’s line of vodkas. The quality of Emperor’s Brand vodkas opened the doors to one of the biggest names in the world of fashion, style, class and sophistication: Giorgio Gucci. Mr. Gucci has contracted Emperor’s Brand to create rare and collectors cognacs for the 10th anniversary of his new company, Giorgio G.


Joan Coullahan, Certified Financial Divorce Specialist

Location: West Belmont Place at The National Conference Center 18980 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg

Joan Coullahan


Joan Coullahan is The Financial Divorce Expert, a title earned from 18 years of creating specialized calculations and financial information for the use of clients, mediators and attorneys during the divorce process.   She is a Certified Financial Divorce Specialist, who specializes in analyzing the financial issues of the divorce process and educating couples and individuals about their present and future financial lives.  As her practice is limited exclusively to the financial issues during divorce, she also has a great deal of expertise, knowledge, and experience regarding retirement plans, calculation of plan assets, and the division of plans in divorce.

The divorce of Joan’s parents when she was eight years old had a tremendous impact on her life as she learned first-hand the financial strain of a living in a single parent household and the challenges associated with being the child of divorced parents.  Through her life experiences, she became determined to help others avoid the financial and emotional trauma of the divorce process.

Joan is an author, speaker, and educator, offering classes and workshops which address the many financial issues of the divorce process.  Joan has also co-authored a book, Financial Custody: You, Your Money and Divorce, contributed content to several other books and has authored numerous articles.  She received a Bachelor of Science, Business from the University of Maryland and a Master of Business Administration from Shenandoah University.

Most importantly, Joan has been married to Rich Coullahan for 34 years.  Her immediate family includes son David and his wife – Patti, step-daughter Sandi Weigle and her husband – Bryan and four stellar grandchildren – Kevin, Nicole, Abigail and Sean.


Marla Gebaide, Centreville Chiropractic Center

Location: West Belmont Place at The National Conference Center 18980 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg


Marla Gebaide, DC, Co-Owner of Centreville Chiropractic Center and Box Docs

Dr. Marla Gebaide is a chiropractic physician and entrepreneur. She began her educational journey at Barry University where she received her bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. She then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic – Florida in Port Orange. Shortly after graduation, she decided to move to the Northern Virginia area. “Dr. G”, a nickname her patients gave her, is the co-owner of Centreville Chiropractic Center. Recently, she has embarked on a new endeavor of opening Box Docs, a mobile chiropractic office out of CrossFit PR Star in Chantilly. She specializes in several chiropractic techniques, dry needling, acupuncture, and fascial movement taping which help to keep her patients healthy and active.

In addition to her practice, Dr. G is constantly writing health lectures regarding lower back safety, proper ergonomics, and exercise modules tailored for athletic patients. Dr. Gebaide also promotes the Paleo Diet program, which helps individuals decrease inflammation and pain by incorporating healthy food options and eliminating inflammatory foods.  Aside from promoting health, Dr. Gebaide enjoys giving back to the community by donating to local non-profits.  One day a year she adjusts her patients in exchange for Christmas gifts to be given to local children in need.

Dr. G is newly married to her business partner of 5 years, Jason Brown.  Together they enjoy spending time at home with their cats (Stella and Spock), traveling and working out.