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Joan Jackson, CoachingLives

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Joan Jackson


Joan Jackson, CLC, Founder, CoachingLives, LLC

Getting to Know Joan

When you don’t know what you don’t know, how can you possibly know what to do? Joan knows. She’s been there. Done that…personally and professionally.

Joan is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and lived in Southern California for many years. She currently resides in Northern Virginia. In addition to all that Joan knows from the School of Hard Knocks, she’s a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Joan knows business too and has established several businesses of her own. She’s authoring an upcoming book called “The Playbook” Finding Ourselves after Life Fumbles. To add to what Joan knows, she has been a certified Life Coach since 2006.

Over the years, Joan has become known for her participation in women’s seminars, Oprah’s Angel Network, NFL Wives Associations, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Make a Wish Foundation, Teri’s Inc. Children with Autism, Habitat for Humanity, shelters for battered women and other charitable organizations. She also knows the non-profit world as president and co-founder of John and Joan Jackson Foundation funding college scholarships for youth.  She’s been a consistent keynote speaker and prominent participant at various seminars. Through these gatherings, Joan’s professional commitment leads her to know that networking is the key to building relationships for businesses and philanthropy work. She currently is a member of the International Coaching Federation, Retired Military Officer Association, Prince William Chamber of Commerce and Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce. She has been featured in magazines, on radio and television, including an on-stage appearance with Oprah on the Oprah Winfrey Show, a Panelist on the TV One Roland Martin show, appearances on CBS Washington, DC WUSA9 Noon Show, FOX San Diego Morning Show and NBC San Diego. So it’s no wonder that Joan knows what she knows. In addition, if you know Joan, you know one thing for sure: she knows how to get things done, as a Coach, Businesswoman and Philanthropist. Always with dignity, strength and results.


Dr. Suzanne Nixon, Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center and Inspirational Journeys, LLC

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Suzanne Nixon


Dr. Suzanne Nixon is the Owner, Founder and Director of the Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center and Inspirational Journeys, LLC, a lifestyle-wellness-travel company. With expert training in counseling, psychotherapy, education, energy medicine, meditation, holistic health, and integrative health coaching spanning 34 years, she has helped thousands of people in their journey towards greater health, healing and optimal functioning in both their personal and relational life. Dr. Nixon’s professional speaking both nationally, regionally and in the UK, began in 1985. She has given over one hundred professional presentations, seminars and trainings in the field of the mind-body connection, holistic healing and personal/professional ethics, and has published 20 articles for the professional and consumer.  Dr. Nixon is known for her embodied presence, intuitive knowing, skilled facilitation, dynamic speaking and ability to help people make transformational shifts in their lives.  She is the proud mother of two fully launched adult children, “Gigi” of twin granddaughters, an avid hiker, cyclist and traveler, and journeywoman on the path to greater consciousness.


Zina Mashin, Emperor’s Brand

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Joan Coullahan, Certified Financial Divorce Specialist

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Joan Coullahan


Joan Coullahan is The Financial Divorce Expert, a title earned from 18 years of creating specialized calculations and financial information for the use of clients, mediators and attorneys during the divorce process.   She is a Certified Financial Divorce Specialist, who specializes in analyzing the financial issues of the divorce process and educating couples and individuals about their present and future financial lives.  As her practice is limited exclusively to the financial issues during divorce, she also has a great deal of expertise, knowledge, and experience regarding retirement plans, calculation of plan assets, and the division of plans in divorce.

The divorce of Joan’s parents when she was eight years old had a tremendous impact on her life as she learned first-hand the financial strain of a living in a single parent household and the challenges associated with being the child of divorced parents.  Through her life experiences, she became determined to help others avoid the financial and emotional trauma of the divorce process.

Joan is an author, speaker, and educator, offering classes and workshops which address the many financial issues of the divorce process.  Joan has also co-authored a book, Financial Custody: You, Your Money and Divorce, contributed content to several other books and has authored numerous articles.  She received a Bachelor of Science, Business from the University of Maryland and a Master of Business Administration from Shenandoah University.

Most importantly, Joan has been married to Rich Coullahan for 34 years.  Her immediate family includes son David and his wife – Patti, step-daughter Sandi Weigle and her husband – Bryan and four stellar grandchildren – Kevin, Nicole, Abigail and Sean.


Marla Gebaide, Centreville Chiropractic Center

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